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Il Tulipano

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"Education in Self-Awareness and Creativity through Movement"

written by Elizabeth Koole e Alessandra Scalisi
in collaboration with the group ”Teachers in Movement”

The book is published by the editor Carabà


I was a typical directive person, but the one thing that I could not manage and direct was an anxiety that crept up on me every time things didn't go as I wanted and led me away from the programme. It ensued that I wasn't able to improvise unexpected situations. I would get annoyed and become bossy.
I had to look for my playful nature, reclaiming that part of me that dares and take risks in order to get to my spontaneous and creative being. Over time, I realised that my overly rigid personality covered up my insecurity and my deep fear of losing control, of letting myself go and of opening up my heart.

The book is available on-line:
"Amazon Kindlestore" ( also as e-book)

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